What language development is all about

Language development is one of the four compulsory components of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Programme (CP) core. Learning a language has always been at the heart of an IB education and the study of an additional language adds to the international dimension of the CP.

Image: Yasser, Khadeeja. Unsplash, 2017.

Furthermore, learning another language and about another culture develops your communication skills and improves your confidence. It will also give you the chance to explore how language is used in everyday situations, as well as provide you with essential skills to engage both personally and professionally in a globally connected world.

Put simply, language development is your passport to many exciting opportunities in the wider world!

Image: ConvertKit. Unsplash, 2020.

The requirements of the course are:

  • The language chosen cannot be your best or strongest language.

  • You are expected to devote a minimum of 50 hours over the two years of the CP.

  • You must maintain and complete a language portfolio.

  • If you are studying a Diploma Programmme (DP) group 2 language you must still complete the language development component.

The presentation below can be used to introduce language development to students and members of staff who are unfamiliar with with this IBCP core element. It can also be used as a further introduction to this student guide. Coordinators and teachers are welcome to use and adapt.