Documenting your language development

The language development portfolio is where you document your active engagement with the chosen language and provide evidence of your progress. You can keep your language portfolio on ManageBac.

A nominated language teacher/supervisor will check and discuss your progress with you throughout the CP. You will be able to communicate with your supervisor both on ManageBac and in person to ask for advice or feedback. Your regular meetings will be documented on a progress form which you keep in the portfolio.

You might choose to include:

  • a record of tasks, activities and assessments

  • reflections on what you have learnt about both the culture and the language

  • your personal objectives and what you want to achieve

  • certificates

  • examples of work

Image: Graham, Scott. Unsplash, 2016.

The IB suggests that the portfolio consists of the following three components:

1. Profile

Establish your starting point by:

  • completing a language and culture questionnaire

  • completing a self-assessment proficiency table

  • identifying your own goals and objectives

2. Experiences

Here you will compile a journal where you reflect on activities, work completed, tasks and assessments. Consider the following:

  • What activities did you complete, including both classwork and independent assignments?

  • Did you find any additional resources?

  • What are you learning about yourself through learning a new language?

  • What are the similarities and differences between your mother tongue and the language you are studying?

  • What difficulties have you faced?

  • What strategies have you used to help learn vocabulary?

  • What have you learnt about the culture of the language?

Remember, you are also expected to complete a final reflection at the end of language development.

You could reflect upon the following questions:

  • How much has your understanding and communication in the language improved in the four key areas over two years?

  • What have you learnt about the culture?

  • Have you achieved the goals you set for yourself?

3. Evidence

Here you will document your achievements and demonstrate your language skills. You can do this is in many different ways: audio recordings, presentations, interviews and role plays, videos, podcasts and blogs, cartoon strips, posters, menus, shopping lists, film reviews, emails, letters or articles. Be imaginative!

Image: CoWomen. Unspash, 2019.

The evidence you upload onto ManageBac and the reflections you write will form the basis of the review of your language development portfolio with your CP coordinator/language supervisor. The school will report to the IB whether the language development course requirements have been satisfactorily completed.

Make time on a regular basis to update your portfolio to create an impressive record of your achievement to show prospective employers. Your portfolio can be a great asset when it comes to personal statements, university essays or interviews.

Now you know the essentials, you can begin learning your new language. A world of opportunity awaits!