Your advisor

The role of your service learning advisor or coordinator

The role of your service learning advisor or coordinator is an important one. They are there to support and guide you through your 18 months of service, and can help you resolve issues or concerns, reflect on your experiences, and make links to the learning outcomes.

Image: NeONBRAND. Unsplash, 2018.

Your first formal interview will come at the start of the process to make sure you understand the expectations of the programme and discuss your plans.

The second interview is normally at the end of the first year of the CP and will review your experiences, reflections and portfolio, as well as your progress towards meeting the five learning outcomes.

The final interview takes place near the end of the CP. During this interview, you will be required to show how you achieved the learning outcomes and reflect on your personal experiences, including rewards and challenges.

Between meetings, you will be able to communicate with your advisor both on ManageBac and in person to ask for advice or feedback.

It is vital to maintain regular contact with your service learning advisor!

Now you know the essentials you are ready to start planning your service learning. Good luck!

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