Introduction - see the positives of remote learning!
"I struggle to keep up with the work..."
"I feel really under pressure..."
"I've lost the link to get on the video call... again!"
Source: Matthews, Emma. Unsplash, 2018.
Whatever your experiences of remote learning have been, are, and may be in the future, there is no doubt that this type of learning is here to stay in some way. In a sense, this is a good thing: not only do we have the technology to provide you with an education even when you cannot be in school (for instance, no more 'snow days' in colder regions), but you are also becoming accustomed to the type of work that has become standard in much of the working world. I write this while at home in Bahrain; I am working on some of these guides with a colleague in Germany; this guide will be checked by someone in the USA before publication; and other authors are dotted all over the world.
I suppose, what I am trying to say is this....look for the positives during remote learning. Nobody says it is easy!
I truly hope this guide will give you some practical hints to help you through however long you will be learning remotely. I also want to convey that I, as an educator, and all my fellow educators around the world appreciate that remote learning takes some getting used to (by the way, we've found remote teaching really hard too!). It will take time for you to find your rhythm, and some of the tips in this guide are not 'overnight fixes' but techniques you will have to persevere with. So persevere!
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