Some final words of encouragement
I'll start by paraphrasing what I stated in the introduction: nobody says that remote learning is easy. You have to work hard and persevere to gain mastery of a skill, and this is no different. You can pick and choose from the tips I have provided, and also adopt other techniques that work for you.
I know that many students are worried about the impact of the pandemic on their learning, and on their results. Being worried is a natural reaction to not knowing quite how things are going to go, so you should be open and honest with people who can help you - your teachers, your parents, the school counsellor, whoever it is. Please remember that around the world the organisations that manage examinations are adapting their own processes to help you, and schools and universities will also continue to show flexibility with entry criteria. These things, however, have nothing to do with you or I - we cannot change what others are going to do. We can only change what we do. Therefore, the final words of encouragement I want to give you are these:
Source: Makhecha, Rohan. Unsplash, 2017.
Focus on what you can control and influence. Work hard. Ask for help. Laugh. Be happy. YOU CAN DO THIS!
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