Developing CBT Across the School

Concepts are well established within the PYP and MYP. Increasingly DP subjects are explicitly identifying the concepts that they wish to be explored within their curriculum.

As such there is an opportunity within concept-based teaching, to compare and contrast what concepts are being applied to which discipline. This is something that can be reviewed periodically during a school year, or within a TOK curriculum, to reinforce the students' understanding of the similarities and differences between their subjects. This will aid students' understanding of their entire diploma programme and improve their synthesis and evaluation skills. This can only occur if teachers take the time to discuss and apply themselves. The knowledge of what is being experienced in other classrooms can aid the teaching in others. This is sometimes referred to as horizontal articulation.

There is an opportunity within schools to vertically articulate concepts and sow the seeds for success at the DP. If the programme of inquiry at earlier ages is aware of what is the goal of the DP programme then they can introduce content, and concepts that prepare students for it.

Teacher awareness of the concepts that are being explored in other disciplines through horizontal articulation also helps to develop students' overall understanding of what they are learning and how it may apply to real-world challenges.

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