Action and Agency

Setting up an agentic learning environment that empowers learners to take action.

“Unleashing students to tackle real-world problems unlocks limitless possibilities for their learning and the impact they can make in their communities (and around the world).”

Connie Liu, Founder and Director, Project Invent, It's Time to Call Upon Young People to Help Rebuild and Transform Our Communities

Agency in the PYP @chrisgadbury

Agency is not a new concept. It is linked to choice and to self-efficacy – the belief in one’s effectiveness in performing specific tasks. And it is not something we as teachers need to give but rather, create room for.

This graphic illustrates what a dynamic outcome of agency could look like:

Action and Agency

In order for these demonstrations of action to occur, learners need an environment in which agency is valued, prioritized, and planned for.

How might you increase opportunities for agency within your learning environment that would have the added benefit of offering opportunities for learners to take authentic action?