What is Action?

Action and its role in the PYP

Action is an integral part of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and an opportunity for students to seek the opportunity to make a significant contribution to their local and global communities. It is a core component of agency and offers learners the ability to see that they can not only make a meaningful contribution to the world around them but also be change-makers.

When the International Baccalaureate (IB) shared the enhancements to the PYP, they also shared the following documentation regarding action and the PYP:

What Enhancements Strengthen Action?

Most notably from the enhancements, action is described as 'a dynamic outcome of agency, and an integral part of the learning process that can arise at any time.' Guidance from the publication compels educators to support learners by:

  • acknowledging and celebrating the various forms of action that occur

  • guiding students to reflect on their actions and adjust their course of action when necessary

  • planning for inquiry that supports making informed choices

  • providing opportunities for skills development that facilitates action.

Further guidance is offered to the learning community to support action by:

  • helping students connect action with personal experiences

  • celebrating student action with others

  • engaging students in dialogue around ‘what is action?’

  • encouraging students to consider the appropriateness and impact of their actions

  • supporting students in establishing and maintaining connections to local and wider communities.

How does the guidance mentioned above relate to the way action is valued at your school?

Does your school approach to taking action mirror the suggestions from the IB?

In what ways have you seen a shift in the way action is discussed, planned for, acknowledged, and celebrated?