Ways to take Action

Leading students toward identifying how their ideas for taking action will manifest

I saw a graphic on Twitter that was co-created by IB PYP teachers as a culmination of ideas on how best to support students who are looking for ways to take action. The premise behind this graphic is to support learners in identifying their purpose and offering suggestions as to what they might spend their time doing in order to move them closer toward achieving that purpose.

What Kind of Action?

While this has been framed primarily for use with learners embarking on the PYP exhibition and thus looking for ways to take action based on their area of interest, it can be applied to all students looking to take action. As mentioned, demonstrations of action can include:

  • participation – contributing as individual or group

  • advocacy – action to support social / environmental / political change

  • social justice – relation to rights, equality and equity, social well-being and justice

  • social entrepreneurship – innovative, resourceful and sustainable social change

  • lifestyle choices – e.g. consumption, impact of choices.

How might you use the five types of action in conjunction with this graphic? It can be powerful to name the action that a student is taking: "You are advocating for people without access to drinking water."