Extended Essay

COVID-19 and the EE

IB guidance and other help for completing your EE whilst 'normal' school is not happening
As of September 2020, the International Baccalaureate (IB) has made no changes to the expectations, assessment criteria or deadlines for the EE due to the pandemic. However, the IB has stated that they will use 'in session mitigation'. This means that any changes needed due to the pandemic for the EE will be applied during standardisation, marking, and grade awarding.
If you have been disadvantaged by the pandemic and/or the IB can see there are issues with extended essays due to the pandemic they will take this into consideration.
Although there are no specific changes for the EE, we know that COVID-19 has meant that many students have had less time at their face-to-face school and may not have been able to visit school, public or university libraries.
This means many of you will be relying on Internet research more than normal for the EE. Some subjects will be impacted more than others, so the IB will not treat everyone the same.
Your supervisor can comment on the impact the pandemic has had on your ability to access suitable resources in the notes section of your Reflections on Planning and Progress Form (RPPF) at the end of the EE process. That being said, you must make every effort to access all of the resources you need and check the credibility of any sources when completing your EE.
Use this guide and specifically the page titled Evaluating Academic Sources to help you.
In most cases, the pandemic cannot be used as an excuse for failing to meet the requirements of the EE, but it may make your EE journey more challenging. The IB does provide some subject specific guidance, for example, the IB has put out guidance related to managing Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems and Societies, Sports Exercise, Health Science and Geography Extended Essays without lab work or fieldwork.
Make sure you are fully engaging with your supervisor so they understand your situation and can offer you help and advice.