How your EE should be presented

Presentation counts! As you recall, presentation is assessed under criterion D and is worth 4 marks.

Your final essay should look professional and academic. Make sure you write in a clear, correct and formal academic style that is appropriate for your subject area.

You will want to review your own work to ensure there are no errors and that you are following the advice given to you by the IB and your supervisor.

Image: Grace, Hannah. Unsplash, 2019.

The IB has set out the following formatting requirements:

  • Choose a font, font size and spacing conducive to on-screen marking.

A good example might be arial, size 12 with double-line spacing.

  • Include page numbering.

This should be at the bottom of your pages and will help you create a professional contents page.

  • Do not include your candidate, supervisor, or school name anywhere in the essay or the RPPF.

Your EE is externally marked so needs to be anonymous.

  • Make sure the file size for your essay is not more than 10 MB.

If your file size is too large it cannot be uploaded to the IB.

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