Your EE Supervisor

What is the role of your EE supervisor

The relationship between you and your EE supervisor is the most important one in the extended essay process. Your EE supervisor will usually be a teacher at your school but must be a suitably qualified in the subject you have chosen for your EE.

You are allowed to consult with subject specialists as well as your supervisor but they cannot take on the role of your supervisor. For example, you may want to meet with a market research expert to seek advice about sampling when undertaking your research but they cannot have a reflection meeting with you.

Your supervisor is there to support you through the EE process but the relationship must be an active two-way process. It is important that you initiate discussions with your supervisor to get the advice and information you need.

Do not wait for your supervisor to chase you about your EE. It is a student-led process so you must take the lead!

The IBO is very strict about what supervisors are and are not allowed to do. For example, your supervisor is not allowed to proofread your essay or correct any spelling or calculations.

This is a list of the things supervisors have to do:

  • Undertake three mandatory reflection sessions with you.

  • Initial each reflection you complete on the RPPF.

  • Provide supervisor comments on the RPPF once all three reflections have been submitted.

  • Provide advice and guidance in the skills of undertaking research.

  • Encourage and support you throughout the EE process.

  • Help you to formulate a well-focused research question.

  • Be familiar with the EE rules and assessment criteria.

  • Monitor your progress.

  • Read and comment on one draft only of the extended essay.

  • Make sure you hand in the final version of the essay before the final reflection session (viva voce) takes place, and that no changes are made to it afterwards.

  • Read the final version of your essay and confirm its authenticity.

Forming a positive working relationship with your supervisor will help you through the EE process.

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