Purpose of the EE

Why DP students do the EE

Ultimately, the point of the Extended Essay (EE) is to prepare you in a very practical, hands-on way for research and academic writing at college or university. Unlike the rest of the IB programme, which is mostly prescribed for you, you will get to create your very own topic of interest out of a huge selection of potential subjects.

Normally students complete the EE in one of their six Diploma Programme (DP) subjects.

You will hear this multiple times, but you are your own guide on the Extended Essay! This has its perks and its challenges. The perks are that it is an exciting opportunity to self-direct your own study, and if you are someone who thrives on doing things your own way on your own time, it will feel liberating. The challenge comes from the independence and responsibility now being put on your shoulders. If you tend to procrastinate or rely on teachers to choose your essay topics and enforce deadlines, the EE can seem overwhelming.

Take a deep breath. You are not alone. Around 70,000 students around the world are about to start this same IB rite of passage with you. Focus first on understanding the EE process and requirements. Set goals to help you to organise your time effectively, and communicate regularly with your EE Supervisor to get advice and support. The rest will come.

A student must achieve at least a D grade in the EE to be awarded their diploma.

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