Action: Teaching and learning through inquiry

How is teaching and learning organized in an IDU?

"The 'Action' section of the MYP unit planner identifies the taught curriculum. Teachers use this section to focus on how students will learn, as well as to identify the content (the disciplinary knowledge and skills) to be taught and learned throughout the unit. Everything that teachers and students do should serve the integrative purpose of the interdisciplinary unit." - Evaluating MYP interdisciplinary unit plans

The following planning sections are considered by the IB to be components of describing the 'Action' elements of an IDU:

  • disciplinary grounding in each participating subject or discipline

  • interdisciplinary learning experiences and teaching strategies

  • formative assessment

  • differentiation

  • resources

See the Disciplinary grounding and Interdisciplinary learning experiences and teaching strategies pages of this guide for further details.

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