Purpose of integration

What is the purpose of the "Purpose of integration? How should the unit's "Purpose of integration" be described?

What is the purpose of the 'purpose of integration'?

"The purpose of integration is the driving force of interdisciplinary units. As such, it must be clearly explained. Integration must be meaningful and not just a statement of superficial connections. Teachers can include a brief description of how each participating subject contributes to the integrated purpose, what synthesis is achieved (why it is worth understanding the real-world issue or idea from an interdisciplinary perspective), and the interdisciplinary learning process developed (what students will do)." Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP

The purpose of integration in a formal MYP interdisciplinary unit provides a summary of key elements in the unit.

A clear and thoroughly explained purpose of integration includes descriptions of:

  1. the contributions of each participating subject to the integrated purpose of the unit

  2. a description of how the learning from the participating subjects will be synthesized


In this guide, a language and literature and sciences interdisciplinary unit is used to illustrate one example of what each unit plan section could look like using the provided guidance. Below is the purpose of integration section of that unit plan.

In this example, the disciplinary knowledge from each subject that contributes to the integrated purpose is described. Framing the description in terms of the unit’s concepts and global context exploration can help teachers clearly distinguish the unique disciplinary grounding and perspective that each subject provides.

A description of the integrated purpose of the IDU is also provided. This description clarifies how the disciplinary perspectives will be synthesized, and identifies how students will combine their learning from both subjects to create an authentic, meaningful product.

Check the example description of the purpose of integration against the descriptors (shown below) from the IB publication Evaluating MYP interdisciplinary unit plans .

Does the description of the purpose of integration:

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