Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is in charge of service as action in school?

  • If you are not sure who is in charge of service as action in your school, contact an administrator or the Middle Years Programme coordinator.

Do students get a service as action grade?

  • Service as action activities are not formally assessed with a grade. However, your SA supervisor will confirm that you have completed your school’s SA expectations.

How many hours of service as action must be completed by MYP students each year?

  • The MYP requires that students meet the school’s yearly expectations for SA. These need to be expressed qualitatively, not quantitatively in terms of hours.

Who is responsible for recording service as action experiences on ManageBac?

  • As an MYP student, you are responsible for getting approval for, recording the details, reflecting on, and providing evidence of your SA experiences.

Do MYP students have to meet all seven service as action learning outcomes in each academic year?

  • No. Students do not need to meet all of the seven SA outcomes in one year.
  • The MYP encourages students to develop a balance of learning outcomes over their years in the programme.
  • Your school may have more specific guidelines, so check with your service as action coordinator.

What are some examples of service as action 'evidence'?

  • Investigation:
    • Research notes, interview notes/recordings, meeting/visit notes
  • Preparation/planning:
    • Action plan, calendar, meeting schedule, resource lists
  • Action:
    • Photos, videos, posters, written descriptions, etc. showing you doing the service
  • Demonstration/sharing:
    • Presentation slides, notes, article, blog, vlog, video
  • Reflection:
    • Written or oral narratives, or other creative formats
    • Reflections should demonstrate depth of thought regarding how you worked on the SA Learning Outcomes; how ATL skills were used; your feelings throughout the process; how problems were addressed; ideas for the future, etc.

What types of helping actions are NOT considered as MYP service as action experiences?

  • As a caring, principled individual, you do many things throughout each day that make a positive difference in the world! As a family member, neighbour and student, you have responsibilities that contribute towards the well-being of the whole family, the community and the environment. These actions are a part of being a kind, responsible human, and are a vital part of helping the world thrive
These types of actions are not what is meant by MYP service as action.
  • You might also be a part of groups that work to make the world a better place. This might be because this type of work is a part of the mission of that group or just because it is so rewarding. You are encouraged to participate in as many of these types of activities as you are able. Depending on the nature of a particular activity, it might or might not be appropriate as a service as action experience.
Check with your service as action supervisor!
  • Actions for which you are paid are not included as service as action activities.
Paid work is NOT service as action.
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