Types of SA Experiences
MYP: From principles into practice, May 2014 (Updated September 2017)
There are many ways in which you can take action to help others. Sometimes, 'service' is thought of as doing something for others, or giving something to others. This is definitely one way in which support can be provided.
Going beyond this and working directly with the people, animals or environments you want to help can give you an experiential understanding of the issues, problems or needs that the community is facing. With this direct involvement, you can not only help to make the community’s physical life better, you can also share your heart and mind. These connections can sometimes be even more valued and powerful than the tangible differences you can make.
Even if you never meet those who are helped, it is still important to find ways to learn more about the community and to engage directly with their needs so that your service experiences address what the community actually needs. Rather than just guessing, or imagining what YOU might need if you were in someone else’s situation, you need to do some investigating!
  • You might speak directly with people in the community you want to help, or with people who are directly involved in serving the needs of the people, animals or environment you are interested in addressing.
  • Or, you might conduct research to find out more about the needs of the people, animals or environment you are interested in addressing.
Once you better understand the issues, problems and needs, there are four different types of service as action actions that you can consider taking. Each type of service can be valuable and impactful in helping to make the world a better place!
This video can help you understand a little more about each type of service:
Understanding Advocacy and Action (3:31) by Learning to Give.
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