SA and COVID-19
'Although physical distancing measures limit some of the service learning opportunities that are possible, there are many opportunities that are well-suited to blended, online, mobile and remote modes of teaching and learning.' - Service as action in different modes of teaching and learning. August 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has caused changes in all of our lives. The most important action you can take is to follow all health guidelines and do all that you can to keep yourself and others safe and well.
The necessary restrictions may make it seem like your options for service as action are limited. However, there are still ways that you can reach out to help others. In fact, at a time when it can feel like we are at the mercy of factors beyond our control, finding ways to make a positive difference in the world can also help us strengthen our own morale and sense of self-efficacy.
Below are a few ideas that may inspire you to come up with big and small ways that you can be a positive force for good in the world even during these challenging times.
Some of the above ideas are drawn from Service as action in different modes of teaching and learning. International Baccalaureate Organization. August 2020.
Check out the Youth Service America (YSA) - Youth Changing the World website for other ideas for helping communities respond to and recover from the coronavirus pandemic!
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