What is Service as Action (SA)?
Service as action (SA) is doing something to help make the world a better, more peaceful place!
Service as action is part of being a Middle Years Programme (MYP) student. Even more importantly, it is part of being a caring, responsible member of your school, local and global communities.
MYP: From principles into practice, May 2014 (Updated September 2017)
In the MYP, service as action starts in the classroom and extends beyond it, requiring you to take an active part in the communities you are a part of.
What does that mean?
  • As a part of some units, you will be encouraged to consider what you are learning in the classroom, and apply that learning by taking action on issues and needs in the school, local, and/or global community.
MYP: From principles into practice, May 2014 (Updated September 2017)
Depending on your school’s service as action requirements, you might also develop service as action experiences and/or projects that are not a part of a specific academic class. For example:
  • The school might have established relationships with community organizations or service providers, such as elder homes, food distribution centers, toy drives, or youth activity centers, and have activities that all students at the school are encouraged or required to participate in.
  • A school club, team, homeroom or advisory/life skills class might decide on a group project to complete together.
  • You might participate in an activity outside of school that offers opportunities to contribute to your community.
  • You might be inspired to independently take action to address an issue or try to solve a problem that is personally important to you.
  • The possibilities are endless!
Even though service as action is a requirement in MYP schools, it is the 'why' behind all service actions that is important to remember.
Why does service as action matter? It is because YOU matter and everything you do has an impact in the world!
Watch this video to visualise 'The Why Behind Service Learning'!
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