Flipgrid is an online platform that allows you to set assignments and have students provide a video response instead of more traditional means of completing them, such as written answers. The homepage for the application has all you need to get started (be sure to scroll down) and what I really like is the 'Discovery Library', which allows you to find some pre-created discussions. For example, the BBC has a very thoughtful ten-discussion series on media literacy. Do spend some time exploring the site.
Flipgrid | Empower Every Voice
Flipgrid Discovery
Video responses on Flipgrid are also a great way to encourage students to answer questions related to virtual learning, metacognition and trust. For example, you could ask "What has been the most challenging aspect of virtual learning this term/semester?" or "Provide a quick outline of your action plan to complete this assignment?".
The twin benefits of Flipgrid for engagement is that it is a) easier and b) 'safer' for students to participate in than more conventional approaches such as written answers and classroom discussions. This may help with both unmotivated and reticent students. Give it a try!
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