Question formulation technique
The question formulation technique (QFT) has been around for a while. The premise is this: give students a prompt (a picture, quote or other 'hook') and then have them create a set of inquiry questions based on the prompt, using a structured method. Then, these questions can be built into your unit plan. Because the students have created these questions themselves, they should be more engaged in the work ahead. The QFT also effectively builds critical thinking skills. This very quick video by inquirED serves as an introduction to anyone who hasn't used it before.
The Right Question Institute is the organisation responsible for developing the QFT and they have lots of free resources to help you plan and deliver a QFT activity. I've found that the key foundation for a successful activity is the prompt - both challenging and accessible. As an example, I use the Shipp and Smith lynching photograph (warning: may be upsetting) every year. Students understand what is going on and may even link it to the question of race, but they don't know fully why the event occurred.
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