About the author
I’m Dan McHugh, and I am deputy headteacher in charge of the upper school (Years 10-13 in the British system; Grades 9-12 in the American system) at the British School of Bahrain (BSB). Bahrain is a tiny island just off the Eastern coast of Saudi Arabia; it is also a melting pot of nationalities and at the BSB there are students from over 75 countries. I have curriculum and pastoral oversight for about 520 students. Fortunately, I have an awesome team of middle leaders to help me.
I was not always an educator, but what drew me to the profession is that it is such a noble one. We really are shaping tomorrow’s leaders, and therefore we have a massive responsibility to shape them correctly. I still spend plenty of time in the classroom and love my daily interactions with students, but I also welcome the opportunities my current role gives me to provide instructional leadership and help other educators become better at what they do.
I’ve taught GCSE, IGCSE, IBMYP, A-level, BTEC and IBDP during my career, which has taken place in Spain, Jordan and Bahrain. I’m thankful that my wife, Nicola, is also an educator. I’ve learned so much from her and I find it wonderful to have an empathetic ear when it is needed. Nicola and I share passions for travelling, for sport and for food. As much as possible, we are trying to have these interests rub off on our children, James and Charlotte.
I retweet and ramble from time to time via @mistermchugh, while you can also find me and connect with me professionally on LinkedIn.
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