1. I understand the ‘why.’ Where are more in-depth resources for the how?

Steeped in rigorous theoretical and practical pedagogical approaches, Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) offers the Laws of Transitions Certificate Course. The blended learning model (asynchronous and synchronous) allows you to utilise diverse learning styles in engaging with the course content through video lectures, personal reflections, group discussions, deeper dives, learning loops and opportunities to play with your learning in the lab and in the field.

SPAN is currently developing further practical resources and lesson plans, as well as a detailed book study around Douglas Ota’s book Safe Passage: How mobility affects people & what international schools should do about it.

2. How do I get buy-in from all the stakeholders?

As you consider your professional learning opportunities for the next 12 months, SPAN will be launching a new Certificate Course: All Aboard in 2023. Learners on the SPAN Laws of Transitions Certificate Course commented on how challenging it can be to get all the stakeholders at a school involved and committed to transitions-care. Equally, they mentioned the complexity of creating positive change across school networks. We listened and have created a course specifically to get everyone ‘on board’: Administrators, Board Members, Parents, Students, Counselors, Teachers and Members of Staff, Humans Resource Managers and Admission Directors, within a school community and beyond.

3. How do I connect with like-minded positive transitions-care providers?

Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) offers its members the ability to connect with each other and to share experiences, expertise and good practices. The Certificate Course graduates also have the opportunity to share their artefacts and showcases with each other to enhance their own transitions-care program at their school or organisation.

SPAN also offers an annual virtal SPAN Symposium (October 7-8, 2023). The aim of this virtual SPAN Symposium is to gather together like-minded practitioners and supporters to strengthen the network of transitions-care across international schools. Much like our Laws of Transitions Certificate Course, this annual event is grounded in recent research and the sharing of best practices.

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