What is Positive Transitions-care?

Positive transitions-care can be defined as a series of systems and processes set up intentionally to support students, parents and staff successfully navigate the triumphs and trials of mobility and transitions within and between schools.
This is especially important for international schools, including those with a high degree of student and staff turnover each year and with multiple cultures represented among their stakeholders. In 2023, the number of international schools continues to be on the rise (2) and therefore, so is the need for positive transitions-care.
Positive transitions-care actions can be a powerful catalyst for growth and learning if the outstanding challenges this process brings are managed well. Positive transitions-care comprises:
  • Awareness and understanding of transitions for all individuals in a school community (students, parents and staff):
    • Leavers
    • Stayers
    • Arrivers
  • Professional and sustained support for those individuals
  • The creation of sustainable systems of transitions-care within and between schools
Creating and embedding positive and sustainable transitions-care in school communities implies involving all stakeholders in the school community to create an intentional Transitions Team that can support the entire school community.
(2) ISC Research (2023, February 7 | Data & Trends): What’s Driving Growth Within the International School’s market (February 7, 2023): https://iscresearch.com/the-new-international-school-data-for-2023/