Increase in Standards Around Positive Transitions-care

Schools are offering an increasingly wider range of curriculum opportunities regarding Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Global Citizenship, University Guidance and Wellbeing. Positive transitions-care is brought to the forefront in all of these areas.

SPAN is a Supporting Partner of the Council of International Schools (CIS). As part of a school’s commitment to high-quality international education to students, parents and staff members, the CIS Accreditation process asks schools to demonstrate how they are implementing and developing “active support for students and families in transition” within and between schools (Standards E5 and E6). Equally, by choosing the recent CIS Pathway 2, schools can re-validate their international accreditation through a strategic deep dive, focusing on “Wellbeing for life-long learning” as a driver for school improvement.

Another Safe Passage Across Networks Supporting Partner, the International School Counsellors Association (ISCA) has recently included transitions-care in their Student Standards.

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