What do you imagine your Exhibition journey will look like?

Image: Sebastien Gabriel, Unsplash, 2016.

Figuring out what you think (or hope) the exhibition will look like is a important start to the exhibition process. Many of us may have visions of a straight, uncomplicated (but long) road ahead.

Image: Denys Nevozhai, Unsplash, 2018

In reality, exhibition looks a bit like spaghetti junction, most of the time! It is a time of exploration, wrong turns, fast lanes, and exciting open roads.

Image: Annie Spratt, Unsplash, 2017

Having a plan before you start is great and your plan could look something like this:

  • Identify a global issue or opportunity that has meaning to the student(s) and connects to the school or local context.

  • Collaborate to develop central idea(s).

  • Identify group or individual lines of inquiry and student questions.

  • Connect with mentors and use class time to focus on ongoing exhibition inquiries.

  • Designate ‘check-in’ times with mentors to monitor and document progress, and to provide feedback and feedforward.

  • Decide on the culmination of the exhibition to share the learning process. Consider the environmental impact of the culminating event when looking for ways to make the learning visible.

  • Reflect on the exhibition process.

What else might you need to plan for when beginning the exhibition journey?