Final Thoughts

Simulations, database, and at-home labs are viable possibilities for student internal assessments (IAs). Teacher knowledge and confidence are vital for the student to feel comfortable and supported in carrying out their internal assessment. Therefore, it is important for teachers to understand the issues involved in carrying out simulation and database labs. Hopefully, this book helps with putting the teacher at ease and provides confidence that these type of labs are feasible.

If you are still not 100% comfortable about using simulations or databases, then we suggest having a few practise IAs during your course. For example, you could do a simulation early in the first year of teaching that only practices data collection, processing, conclusion and evaluation. Later you could do a database lab that practices exploration and data analysis. The key is to develop these skills and practice early in the course so that these skills and concepts are not new to the students and teacher when IA time approaches.

Image: Dariusz Sankowski, Pixabay, 2015.

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