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IB Topic or IA


Further detail


Would need to be linked with other data to use for an IA.

Solubility of salts based on anion / cation combination.


Length of C chain and London forces



Could be useful in structure-spectra correlations.

Comprehensive spectral database for organic compounds, contains NMR (1H, 13C), IR, mass spec, and more.


Thermochemistry related IA

Thermochemistry data, IR, mass spectrum data.


Comparison of the physical data like boiling point and melting point to the bonding

Physical data: solubility, boiling point, melting point, vapor pressure, heat of combustion and vaporisation.

IA / Topic 4 (Bonding)

How do the position of neighbouring atoms affect bond angles, bond lengths, positions free molecules and ions, and orientation of free molecules.

Molecular modeling program for theoretical studies of systems of any complexity.

IA / Topic 15 (Energetics)

15.2 Comparison of experimental and calculated data, structure, entropy related topics

Both experimental and calculated data, detailed data of geometry and entropy

IA / Topic 15 (Energetics)

15.2 Entropy (S) refers to the distribution of available energy among the particles. The more ways the energy can be distributed the higher the entropy. Gibbs free energy (G) relates the energy that can be obtained from a chemical reaction to the change in enthalpy (ΔH), change in entropy (ΔS), and absolute temperature (T). Entropy of gas>liquid>solid.

IA = Calculation of Gibbs Free energy / entropy and compare theoretical v actual

IA / Topic 16 (Kinetics)

Atmospheric chemical kinetic data

Rate of formation of radicals / rate of breakdown of ozone

Periodicity topic 3

3.2 Vertical and horizontal trends in the periodic table exist for atomic radius, ionic radius, ionization energy, electron affinity and electronegativity

Trends and patterns in melting / boiling points radius of atom / ion in a group or period

Topic 5 (Colorimetry)

5.1 (Enthalpy changes of combustion (∆Hc°) and formation (∆Hf°) should be covered

How do changing various factors (eg, carbon chain length) affect enthalpies of combustion?

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