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Academic integrity

The importance of citing and referencing your sources
IB learners should strive to be 'principled' and act with integrity and honesty.
In relation to assessments, and in the case of the reflective project, it refers to any kind of cheating or taking anyone else’s work and passing it off as your own. This isn’t always so easy in the information age we live in. Intellectual borders have blurred, and it isn’t always clear who owns the information on the Internet.
Image: Spiske, Markus. Unsplash, 2018.
Always keep accurate records of where you found information and reference every source you use in writing your reflective project, including all audio-visual material, text, graphs, and images.
Your supervisor will explain the system of referencing you should use and this should be applied consistently throughout your reflective project. Remember, effective citing and referencing is essential for passing the IBCP but is also a really valuable skill to have for your future study.
Now you know the essentials, you are ready to start your reflective project. Good luck!