What the reflective project is all about

The reflective project is one of the four core interrelated components of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Programme (CP). Your reflective project is designed to draw together all the elements of your CP including:

  • your career-related study

  • other elements of the core (language development, personal and professional skills, and service learning)

  • your Diploma Programme (DP) subjects

It is also intended to develop skills linked to independent research, extended writing, communication and reflection.

Simply put, the reflective project is a research paper.

Image: Brito, J. Kelly. Unsplash, 2017.

The reflective project can be submitted in different formats. You can choose from either Option 1, a 3000-word essay, or Option 2, a 1500-2000-word research paper together with an alternative format. The alternative formats are:

  • a short 7-minute film

  • a play

  • a spoken presentation

  • an interview

  • a display

For Option 2, your film or interview might present the different viewpoints of everyone involved, while the accompanying research paper presents the central arguments of the ethical dilemma. Take care that the two components complement each other, not just reformat the information.

The essay or research paper itself should resemble an academic journal article.

Don’t be daunted! The reflective project is also about the research skills you acquire and your reflection on the process, as well as the final essay.

The presentation below can be used to introduce the reflective project to students and members of staff who are unfamiliar with with this IBCP core element. It can also be used as a further introduction to this student guide. Coordinators and teachers are welcome to use and adapt.

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