Understanding the steps of the reflective project

The reflective project is an extended piece of work so allow plenty of time for each of the following stages before starting to write your essay:

  • choosing your issue

  • establishing a research question

  • conducting research

  • collecting evidence of the different perspectives

You have the freedom to work independently but you will be allocated a supervisor to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Your supervisor will organise three formal meetings with you at the start, in the middle and at the end.

Image: Unsplash, 2019.

The first meeting is likely to be about clarifying the ethical dilemma, maybe looking at your essay plan, and discussing how to carry out your research.

The second meeting might look at your research methods and findings, or perhaps your first draft.

Your supervisor will grade your final submission according to the five IB assessment criteria at the end of the two-year programme, following your final meeting to review your learning experience.

Your reflective project will be internally marked by the school and may be included in the sample selected by the IB for external moderation.

Take care to keep to the set word limit - moderators will not read beyond the maximum!

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