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Mapping out the different stages of the reflective project
In the words of the IB,
'Students are expected to devote a minimum of 50 hours to the reflective project.'
This doesn’t mean the week before you have to hand it in! Start thinking about an issue at the beginning of your CP.
Once you have decided on your project title, create a calendar or timeline to map out the different stages of the process from planning through research to drafting and submitting.
Image: Janssens, Estée. Unsplash, 2017.
Your timeline might include the following steps:
  • identifying your issue/ethical dilemma
  • developing a research question and choosing an appropriate format
  • carrying out secondary research and primary research
  • completing research notes with identified sources
  • organising and structuring your ideas
  • writing your draft
  • self-assessing using the assessment criteria
  • discussing your draft with your supervisor
  • acting on feedback and making changes
  • submitting the final copy to your supervisor
Use your time wisely and try to keep to the deadlines you set for yourself. Two years may seem a long time, but it passes quickly!