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Finding a topic

How to find your reflective project topic
What is an ethical dilemma? This question lies at the heart of your reflective project and is answered in more detail in the FAQs.
You need to decide on an area of your career-related study that interests you and identify an ethical issue in that area that really stimulates debate!
Image: Church, Brenden. Unsplash, 2016.
Your chosen issue will need to have two or more conflicting moral points of view. There is no right or wrong answer, but your task is to present reasoned arguments for and against.
A good question will enable you to consider different viewpoints on a socially significant topic. This is fundamental to the success of your project.
Consider whether your topic would be best suited to Option 1 or Option 2. Does the dilemma lend itself to a play format or an interview? Would a short documentary film or a news report be the best way to illustrate the ethical dilemma? If you choose Option 2, the content of the alternative format must be different from the essay! For Option 2, you still have to address all five of the IB assessment criteria in your writing, but you only have 1,500-2,000 words.
Remember that you must not duplicate the content of the additional format in the essay.
At this stage, you should also think about where you are going to find information and how you are going to start the research process.
Top Tip: Get to know your school librarian!
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