Why you should do a reflective project

Ultimately the purpose of the reflective project is to prepare you in a practical way for the kind of assignments and research you will do at college or university.

It is a great opportunity to conduct your own personal research into important issues and present an in-depth body of work in a structured and coherent form.

In the reflective project you will get to choose your own subject or topic. However, it must be an ethical issue directly linked to your vocational study. You are your own guide here! This is the opportunity for you to self-direct your study just as you will at college or university.

Image: Gill, Dollar. Unsplash, 2019.

The reflective project gives you the chance to pursue your own passions and interests, while also developing your organisational and time management skills.

Sound worrying?! There is plenty of support out there. Although this is an independent project, you will have a supervisor to guide you and a large support network of other CP students worldwide.

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