What is the Personal Project?
The personal project is a student-driven project, that happens in the last year of the Middle Years Programme (MYP). Students choose a topic to explore through learning a new skill/knowledge and creating a product/outcome. Through the project, students demonstrate and strengthen their approaches to learning (ATL skills).
The personal project is the culminating project of the MYP - a great way to celebrate students learning journey through the MYP!

Nature of the personal project

    Motivation: Students explore an area that motivates and interests them.
    Agency: Students set their own goal and choose how to achieve it. Students create their own articulation of what success will look like.
    Lifelong Learning: Students demonstrate and develop ATL skills. Students reflect on the impact that the personal project has had on themselves and/or their community.
    The project should challenge students to develop as a learner!

Aims of the personal project

The aims of the MYP personal project from the IB's Personal project guide
Just like all MYP units, the project allows students to inquire, act and reflect!
      Explore an interest that is personally meaningful.
      Take ownership of their learning by undertaking a self-directed inquiry.
      Transfer and apply skills in pursuit of a learning goal and the creation of a product.
      Recognize and evidence personal growth and development.
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