Documenting the process
Students are required to document their process and will use this documentation as evidence in their report.
They might choose to use a digital, physical journal, combination or they might choose to document their work somewhere else, for example on a digital document or blog. They can also add journal entries on ManageBac.
The documentation should include a range of tools and media types, not just reflective entries.
This might include photographs, videos, sketches, experiments, mind maps, brainstorms, interviews, research plans, graphs, charts and other methods.
Evidence of the process is:
Evidence of the process is not:
gathered throughout the project to document its development
collected on a daily basis (unless this is useful for the student)
an evolving record of intents, processes, accomplishments
written up after the process has been completed
a collection of initial thoughts and developments, brainstorming, possible lines of inquiry and further questions raised
additional work on top of the project; it is part of and supports the project
a record of interactions with sources, for example, teachers, supervisors, external contributors
a diary with detailed writing about what was done (unless this is useful for the student)
a record of selected, annotated and/or edited research and to maintain a bibliography
a single, static document with only one format (unless this is useful for the student).
a collection of useful information, for example, quotations, pictures, ideas, photographs
a means of exploring ideas and solutions
a place for evaluating work completed
reflection on learning
devised by the student in a format that suits their needs
a record of reflections and formative feedback received.
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