Report format
Depending on the preference of the student, the report can take a variety of formats. The student should pick the format that they feel most confident with using and that they think they can best communicate the process they went through throughout the project. They may work with their supervisor to pick a format that will best do this.
'The format of the report for the personal project can vary depending on the resources available and the interests of the students. Students should take into consideration learning preferences, personal strengths and available resources when deciding on the best format for the report. The ability to communicate clearly and concisely is essential to demonstrate the elements of the report and reach the highest levels of the criteria. The student’s supervisor is responsible for providing guidance on the format of the report.' Personal Project Guide

The maximum length of student submissions

Document File types: .doc, .docx, .pdf (noneditable), .rtf
Recording File types: .mp3, .m4a, .mp4, .mov (codec H264), .m4v
15 pages
no recording
14 pages
1 minute
13 pages
2 minutes
12 pages
3 minutes
11 pages
4 minutes
10 pages
5 minutes
9 pages
6 minutes
8 pages
7 minutes
7 pages
8 minutes
6 pages
9 minutes
Other requirements laid out in the Personal Project Guide:
    To ensure that the written part of the report is clearly legible, each page must have a minimum 11-point font size and 2 cm margins.
    Evidence presented in images must be clearly visible at the size submitted.
    Audio and video must be recorded and submitted in real-time.
    Visual aids may be used to support spoken reports. However, evidence and examples presented in the visual aids should be submitted as documents. Visual aids presented only in video format will not be considered for assessment.
    The bibliography is uploaded separately and is not included in the page limit.
    Please do not include a title page; if included, it will count towards the page limit.
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