Action plan & success criteria

Action plan

'Students will create an action plan for achieving their chosen product. This process is iterative: as students create their action plan, they will gain a sense of whether they can achieve the product within a reasonable time frame and they may revise their learning goal and/or product accordingly.' MYP Personal Project Guide
Students can choose how they create their action plan. They might choose to make a Gantt chart, slippage chart, flow chart, to-do list, timeline, storyboards, wireframes, calendar, scrum board, Kanban board or they might choose another method. A detailed action plan may include a description of each step, resources needed, the time needed and/or deadlines.
The action plan should allow students to complete their learning goal and create their product.

Success criteria

Students create success criteria for their final product. This is a list of things that the product needs to do or have to be successful. Good success criteria should be based on research. Students should be able to gather evidence/feedback to help them evaluate each specification in their success criteria. Students may wish to use skills learnt from writing specifications in their MYP design class or when writing a lab report in MYP science to help them write their success criteria.


When creating their action plan and success criteria, students should make sure both are SMART.
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