Strong Student and Teacher Relationships

When students have strong relationships with their teachers they are more invested in their own education and tend to have a more positive school experience.

The power of a strong relationship between student and teacher is undeniable. Students who have strong relationships with someone from school have a much more positive education experience and are academically more successful. When students believe that their teachers care about them, they experience less academic anxiety, internalise fewer symptoms, and suffer from fewer physical problems that are directly related to school stress. This is why teaching students how to be strong communicators and how to develop meaningful relationships with their teachers, counsellors, or administrators is important.

Equally important as the need for strong relationships, is the need for developing and improving communication skills. This is true for the adults and the students in the school community. Some of the benefits of strong communication skills include providing an avenue for emotional support from teachers, a decrease in health-risk behaviours, stronger student well-being, and an opportunity for student to understand the importance of building a network.

When teachers are building their communications protocols, it is important they keep a few things in mind. First, be transparent with your limits regarding times, frequency and methods of communication (social media, email, etc.), and include all Stakeholders when communicating (students, parents, colleagues, etc.)

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