Create Your Wellness Plan: Where to Start?
Making the decision to create a personalised wellness plan requires reflection, determination and courage. Take a systematic approach, be organised, take small steps, make the change.
Here is a list of strategies to consider when you are creating your personalised wellness plan.
    Use your Executive Functioning Strategies
      Make a list and prioritise it
      From your list choose 1 or 2 things to focus on
    Start small making little changes
      Find a class to learn about your new change
      Read an article about your new change
    Use your Calendar
      Add it to your routine
      Make it a habit
      Do it daily until it is engrained
    Do one thing different
      Excellent strategy to get started
      Helps to build change
      Baby steps are important. Keep moving forward one small step at a time
Wellness Plan
Steps to Take
Possible Strategy:
Identify the necessary components of your plan
Do a self-reflection strategy identify which aspects of your wellness you want to focus
Evaluate the effectiveness of your new wellness strategy periodically while you are building into your routine. If necessary, make small adjustments along the way. Be reflective and be organised as you approach this project.
Make a list of the identified areas
Prioritise the list
Research ways to improve the most important identified aspect of your wellness
Calendar time to research
Identify specific strategies that could work for you
Choose one that you want to try
Develop a short term goal
Create a short term, manageable goal to put in place as a first step toward improved wellness
Take a photo of the goal and put it somewhere that you will see it throughout the day (as the screen saver on your phone, on your mirror, in your car, etc.)
Reflect again – did the change make a positive difference
Take another step
Start the process again with a second change you want to make
Important thoughts to keep in mind:
Þ Take small steps – it is most important that you keep moving forward
Þ Use your calendar, make lists, be organised about enacting this change
Þ Prioritise – don’t try to do everything at once
Þ Use your network. Who will be your support?
Þ Practice self-compassion. Expect to make mistakes, you won’t get it perfect the first time around, keep coming back to the change you want to make
Þ When you plan your week, plan time to focus on your wellness plan
Þ Build this new practise into your routine.
Here is a template for a personal wellness plan
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