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Different Types of Stress

It is important that all teachers and students learn how to recognise their stress triggers and find the specific strategies that will help to alleviate their stress.
Teacher Stress
Student Stress
Acculturative Stress
Teacher stress is often a debilitating result of too much paper work, too much change, not enough support and poor communication. Teachers stress causes high absenteeism, excessive turnover rates and general job dissatisfaction.
Causes of Teacher Stress
Research shows the main source of student stress is academics, relationships and life changes. Students in rigorous academic programs self-report high levels of stress which is primarily due to academic demands, teacher expectations and difficulty managing time. This stress manifests itself through physical, psychological and behavioural problems, and can impact on a students’ mood, sense of well-being and physical health.
Source: 2018 Survey on US Teens, PEW Research Center
What is the biggest stressor for students in your school? What role does the school, teacher, parent and student play in the stress?
When student stress levels are raised, there is a risk for academic and mental health problems. Excessive stress was found to have an impact on the students’ mood, sense of well-being and physical health.
Alarmingly, the results indicated that academic performance and memory decreases if stress is too high or goes unchecked.
It will affect the school morale, the academic achievement and the teaching and learning if it goes unchecked.

Additional Resources

American Phycological Association: STRESS IN AMERICA™ GENERATION Z
Acculturative Stress is the psychological impact of adaptation to a new culture. For students who come to a new school in a foreign country, there are a number of significant stressors that are likely to be pervasive, intense and could be life long. It is important to remember that teachers who come to work in an international school, in a new and foreign country are also susceptible to this kind of stress, and will need support to help them get through the low times – especially after the honeymoon period wears off.
A Closer Look at Acculturative Stress
Do you actively work to include the various cultures of your students into your classroom & teaching practice? Do you have colleagues from other countries who may be feeling the effects of acculturative stress?
What strategies do you currently use to identify and manage your stress? How do you avoid taking on other people's stress (colleagues, families, student's, etc.)?