Common Struggles & Possible Strategies

The table below lists several common struggles that teachers often have along with possible strategies you can use to alleviate them.

What Is the Problem?

What Strategy Can Help?

I’m not sleeping and am feeling very stressed.

Name that Stress: Think about what is making you so stressed. Make a list f these stressors. Put them into two columns entitled ‘Things I Can Control’ and ‘Things I Cannot Control’. Start to focus on the stressors you can control. This simple activity is very effective in helping you focus your energy and streamline your concerns.

I have so much to do that I don’t know where to start.

Place all your tasks into their appropriate Covey Quadrant. Start by making a list of all the thing that need to get done. Then, put them into the appropriate box (see below).

When working from home I struggle to ‘turn work off’ in the evening.

Find a way to remove your ‘work’ things so they are out of sight. Turn off your computer, don’t check your work emails, find a replacement activity that gets you away from your ‘work zone’ and forces you to focus on something other than work.

I struggle to make deadlines.

Make lists, use your calendar, use a timer, take breaks when working.

How do I build relationships with my students when we are working online?

Share something about yourself, take 2 minutes at the start of each class to get to know a student, create a google form survey to ask about your student, make good news phone calls to parents, be consistent, be available, and be transparent.

How can I self-regulate?

Meditation, mindful practise and exercise will help you find equilibrium. Build these activities into your routine and put them into your calendar.

I always run out of time when working on my grading, assignments or projects

Try estimating how long a project will take and then document how long it actually takes. Do this for a few weeks and analyse the results. Do you need to budget more/less time for your work?

I can’t seem to get everything done in the day. Time gets away from me.

Create a routine. Include time to plan your day, check your calendar, organise yourself.

I feel disorganised and apprehensive at the start of every week.

Plan your Big Rocks. Once per week (I like Sunday Evening) account for all the tasks and appointments you have coming in the next week. Prioritize them, calendar them, check in on them as the week unfolds.

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