Assessment (Learning Outcomes)

How you will know if you have met the requirements

CAS is not academic work and so it is assessed completely differently to the other components of the IB Diploma Programme. There are no points for CAS but without meeting the requirements you do not earn an IB diploma.

There are seven learning outcomes that you need to show you have met during your CAS programme. These seven learning outcomes (LOs) are:

The LOs all have equal importance. You have to show that you have achieved all of them at least once, although you are likely to do them multiple times.

You will notice that the LOs are not binary. You have to work towards developing or demonstrating that you can do them. You shouldn’t feel that you have to do everything perfectly - just identify, show, demonstrate or recognize that these are areas of your CAS experiences. That is how you personally develop and make progress.

Evidence and reflections in your CAS portfolio are one way you can demonstrate that you have met the learning outcomes. ManageBac tracks this for you. You can also show that you have achieved them in the interviews with your CAS advisor or coordinator.

Your CAS coordinator decides if you have met the conditions of CAS.

Make it easy for your CAS coordinator by having a varied and balanced programme of CAS Experiences and at least one Project

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