CAS Staff

Who's who in CAS (in IB language)

CAS Coordinator

The CAS coordinator is the teacher in charge of your schools CAS programme. They will help you to find suitable CAS experiences within your school or community, and are responsible for the overall organisation of the programme. They also decide:

  1. If your proposal is a suitable CAS experience or project. 😁

  2. If you have met the requirements of CAS to gain your IB diploma. 👩‍🎓

CAS Advisor

In some schools, especially those with lots of students, the CAS coordinator is assisted by a team of CAS advisors. These members of staff support, monitor and advise students on their CAS portfolio.

CAS Supervisor

The CAS supervisor is a person who supervises a CAS experience or a project for a student. This may be a coach, a teacher or another adult. You may not require a CAS supervisor if you are initiating your own activities. These adults are useful to guide you in a specific experience and to help you set goals and comment on your progress.

The IB does not require you to have a supervisor. You are trusted to undertake your own activities. However, you may like to have one, or your school may need you to have one for another reason.

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