When you might do CAS during your DP

First term - getting started

Start undertaking CAS experiences within your school and community. Plan and initiate at least one CAS project using the CAS stages framework. Collect evidence and undertake meaningful reflection.

Meet with your CAS advisor or coordinator to consider the balance of activities you have chosen and ask any questions you might have about CAS.

Second and third term - review and adapt

Review your balance in terms of studying commitments, academic progress and CAS experiences. Consider whether your experiences are providing you with the opportunity to work on all the learning outcomes and cover the three strands of creativity, activity and service.

If you have any gaps, make a plan to adapt your programme by adjusting your current experiences or becoming involved with new experiences.

Long holiday - reflect

Use this time to make sure you are all up to date with your portfolio of evidence and reflections. Reflect on your experiences so far. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to continue with all your activities from last academic year? Perhaps you would like to take on a different role, or stop an activity altogether and start something different.

  • Can you undertake some experiences over the holiday that balances your portfolio better?

  • Short of Creativity? Design and make a mural.

  • Short of Activity? Plan and go for a hike with your friend.

  • Short of Service? Undertake a micro service-project.

Fourth term - finding balance

By now you should have met all of the CAS learning outcomes at least once. This is a busy time for Diploma Programme students, so consider how you are managing university applications and academic commitments alongside CAS. Are you getting everything you can or want out of your CAS experiences? Is there anything you want or need to change about your CAS programme?

You should have met with your CAS advisor or coordinator a second time by now.

Fifth term - final steps

At this point, you should have completed your CAS project and be thinking about how you will reduce your CAS commitment to focus on exams next term. Consider how you want to finish an activity, experience or project. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who do you have to thank?

  • Are you passing on responsibility to someone else to finish your project?

  • Is this an experience you will continue after your exams (perhaps at university or college)?

Complete all your evidence and reflections ahead of your final meeting with your CAS advisor or coordinator.

Sixth term - CAS during exams

You should now have completed CAS and will be able to concentrate on your exams. By all means, carry on with your experiences if you enjoy them and are able. Many students continue with experiences and projects long after they complete the requirements or even the Diploma Programme.

If you have not completed something you will need to catch up now.

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