The CAS Interviews

A quick explanation of the CAS interview process

Interview One

This interview is to check that you have started your CAS experiences, you are reflecting/evidencing and you understand the programme.

You have a lot of choice in your CAS programme, but with that comes a lot of responsibility to actually do something!

Interview Two

Normally held towards the end of Year 1 of the DP.

This interview helps reflection and checks progress towards meeting all of the requirements and learning outcomes.

Again, you have both freedom and responsibility. You are responsible for meeting the requirements of CAS; your CAS advisor or coordinator is there to guide and support you through the process.

Interview Three

This normally happens towards the end of the programme. This is a chance to think back on what you have achieved and to check that you have finished. It should almost be a chance to celebrate a job well done.

If everything has gone well this is a real celebration! If you have not completed the requirements then your CAS coordinator may give you very specific things you need to do now if you want to gain your diploma.

Although there is an expectation of three formal CAS interviews if you have any questions or issues with your CAS experiences, programme or project you should seek help from your CAS coordinator.

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