COVID-19 and CAS

IB guidance and other help for completing your CAS requirements whilst 'normal' school is not happening
In May 2020, the International Baccalaureate (IB) provided the following supporting guidance regarding CAS for the May 2021 and November 2021 sessions. This guidance is abridged.
CAS Projects
In the event that a CAS project or some events, may be cancelled, or future circumstances may prevent face to face events from taking place...student CAS projects can be considered complete if the planning of the event and other aspects of the project still contribute to meeting the CAS learning outcomes.
CAS Experiences
It is anticipated that students will be able to continue with creativity, activity and service experiences in a remote or online setting, although the nature of these experiences is likely to have to be adapted and adjusted and will be dependent on the local context and the official guidelines in place.
For example, in terms of creativity engagements, it is anticipated that students will have access to social media platforms where they could engage in creative activities, bearing in mind the ethical and safety considerations associated with the use of social media. Additionally, working in a new space allows for creative ideas when planning CAS activities.
In terms of physical activities, it is suggested that students could continue to complete various activities focused on wellbeing. Ideas include, but are not limited to: -Engaging in an online Yoga or mindfulness class -Exercising to an online video programme -Taking a daily walk or run (local restrictions permitting)
In terms of service, students could work virtually to accomplish service engagements such as advocacy activities. Ideas include, but are not limited to: -Working with the local community to organise the donation of food to elderly members of the community
Do the best you can to meet the CAS requirements explained in this guide but your school and CAS coordinator will understand that it is difficult in these times. Doing nothing though is not an option!
Although there is a pandemic, you need to stay active. Many more people need your help. You have the skills to be creative to do both of those things and more!
Image: Outer Banks of Common Good. Coronavirus for Volunteering Youth. 7 April 2020
This Padlet might give you some inspiration!