Process of CAS

How CAS works

During your IB Diploma Programme you will undertake a variety of CAS experiences and at least one CAS project.

You undertake CAS experiences continuously for at least 18 months of your IB Diploma Programme.

There may be some occasions when you are undertaking just one CAS experience; there may be other times when you are undertaking several simultaneously. Deciding what to do and when is part of how you plan, organise and balance your own journey through the IB Diploma Programme.

One great advantage of CAS is that it encourages you to take a break from studying and do something different with your time.

As the old English proverb states, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!'

What this means as an IB learner is that you must create balance in your life. There are times you need to study, but sometimes a break from studying will help you to get a little perspective, motivate you, or make you more efficient.

During the time that you are undertaking your CAS experiences and CAS project, you will complete a CAS portfolio. This includes evidence to show what experiences you have undertaken and also reflections on what you achieved (or not).

All schools run their CAS programmes a little differently but during the two years of the programme you should expect to have three CAS interviews with your CAS advisor or coordinator.

When you have completed your programme, this will be evidenced through your portfolio and reflections, which demonstrate that you have met all of the learning outcomes for CAS.

When you and your CAS coordinator are in agreement, you will have succeeded in meeting the requirements of this core element of the IB Diploma Programme.

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