CAS Project

A bigger experience within your CAS!

In your CAS project, you will work with others, towards a stated goal, in one or more of creativity, activity and service.

You must undertake at least one CAS project.

Some examples of CAS projects are listed below.

  • A group plans, designs and creates a mural or wall display (creativity)

  • Organise and participate in a sports team over time, including training sessions and matches against other teams (activity)

  • Plan and undertake an unsupported expedition (activity)

  • Set up and conduct tutoring for people in need (service)

  • Choreograph a routine for their band or cheerleading squad (creativity and activity)

  • Plan, set up and run a not-for-profit business (creativity and service)

  • Plan and participate in the planting and maintenance of a garden with members of the local community. (service and activity)

  • Identify that children at a local school need backpacks, and then design and make the backpacks out of recycled materials. (service and creativity)

  • Rehearse and perform a dance production for a community retirement home. (creativity, activity, and service)

All CAS projects should have a defined goal. Individually, you should identify one or more learning outcomes you intend to meet to further guide your role and responsibilities in the CAS project. These could change as you complete the project.

Your CAS project should last a minimum of one month from planning to completion and you should follow the CAS stages.

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