Meet the Author: Sarah Plews
Hi, I’m Sarah.
I am committed to supporting educators, teams, and organizations to improve student outcomes.
My experience lies at the nexus of teaching, learning and leadership, professional learning and building capacity in others, and education technology. I enjoy consulting, coaching, and working with teams from different international schools around the world. I am passionate about making learning meaningful, promoting intercultural understanding, and elevating the role of visual arts in education.
Career Roles: MiniPD Founding Team Member, International Educational Consultant, Advisory Board Member, Steering Committee Member, PK-12 Professional Development and Learning Director, Curriculum Director, Leadership and Learning Coach, Primary and Middle School Teacher and Leader, Assistant Language Teacher.
I hope you enjoy this short course. If you want to get in touch, please do.
Connect with me for a conversation via my landing page​
Sarah Plews. Location: International School of Luxembourg
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